Break Free from Anxiety

Break Free from Anxiety

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Each and every one of us have struggled with feelings of anxiety in our lives. Anxiety has become so pervasive and common that people have begun to believe that it’s just a fact of life that can’t be changed. 

This week, we’re debunking that notion. 

This week, you’re going to hear from Ken Goodman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author of The Anxiety Solution Series and Break Free from Anxiety, and Board Member Of the American Depression and Anxiety Association. Ken specializes in the treatment of anxiety and OCD, and he is a powerhouse of information and actionable tips.  

In his interview, Ken talks about: 

  • The real root cause of anxiety 
  • How the feeling of anxiety is actually a good thing and necessary for us to have when we’re trying to reduce anxiety (sounds, crazy, doesn’t it?!) 
  • How to recognize feelings of anxiety when they’re so pervasive and what the right mindset is for moving through them. 

This episode is jam-packed with actionable steps you can take TODAY to begin moving past feelings of anxiety in your life. We’re so grateful to Ken for sharing his wisdom and expertise! 

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