Uniting our World with Love

Uniting our World with Love

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The current state of the world has many of us feeling afraid, uncertain, and even disconnected. Given everything that is happening right now, it’s natural to have the impulse to pull away. To disengage. To disconnect.

However, the field of positive psychology shows us that it’s our interconnection to other people that drives much of our happiness and wellbeing. Beyond that, it’s our interconnection with other people that has the power to heal the divisive wounds at the heart of so much of the turmoil we see in the world today.

Today we’re speaking about interconnection with this week’s guest, Juan Lee. Juan is an author and teacher on the powerful principle of love. For over 30 years, he has studied organized religion to find the elements that unite humanity and share the message with those who need it. Based outside of Washington DC, Juan is a decorated US Air Force veteran and author of Love Made Simple.

Tune in today to be reminded of the importance of your role in humanity. My hope is that you leave this episode feeling optimistic and reengaged.

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