Using Micro-Behaviors to Reduce Anxiety

Using Micro-Behaviors to Reduce Anxiety

One of the most common things we get asked is how to reduce anxiety. Talk about the ultimate question! Anxiety is SO incredibly common, yet the tools to reduce it can feel so elusive. In today’s episode, we’re leaning on cognitive-behavioral theory to help us use micro-behaviors to reduce anxiety (or induce any emotional state you’re after).

During this episode, I give a quick overview of what cognitive-behavioral theory is and the interrelationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I walk you through a great analogy developed by my incredible co-founder, Dr. Ashley Smith, to help you understand the true impact of this interrelationship in how you experience life. And finally, we turn to a practical way you can use small behavioral changes in your own life to influence your emotions in the direction you want them to go.

You’re not going to want to miss this one!

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