Your Life, Lived Well

Your Life, Lived Well

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This week on the podcast we’re speaking with Dr. Kevin Payne. He is a scientist, entrepreneur and author. 
His upcoming book, “Your Life, Well Lived” presents a new understanding of what it’s like to live with a chronic health condition and shows both diagnosed and caregivers how to improve quality of life. Beyond that, it’s an actionable, understandable text on how everyone, chronic condition or not, can live better lives. 

We talk about so many impactful concepts in this episode, but most notably, we talk about something Kevin calls “the edge.” This is the edge of our comfort zone.  

He does a beautiful job of highlighting how personal and individualized the definition of the edge is. It’s different for each of us. He describes that a set of cognitive, emotional, behavioral, physical, and social gates help determine whether something is approaching our “edge,” and he gives us a clear way to identify when we’re approaching our own edge. 

Most importantly, he talks about the importance of constantly bumping into that edge. It’s where true joy, happiness, and excitement live. It’s also where growth lives.   

Kevin shares with us the 6 things his extensive research has shown contributes to quality of life, and we talk about it all in the context of how we each can individually figure out what will improve our own life experience. 

We’re so thrilled to partner with Dr. Kevin Payne on this episode! 

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